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Clear like Crystal® LLC began automotive headlight restoration on a 2 man team here in Atlanta, GA on June 2007 

We service Atlanta and surrounding city within 75 miles ratio however there is always franchise opportunity available for the area that we are not grown yet. 

We have grown successfully to 5 team of professional automobile headlight restoration technicians who has learned to deliver exceptional work/art at a fraction of cost to auto dealership, insurance companies and retail customers on a daily bases. 

All of our works are done on site and convenient location per our client request.

(Auto dealership lot, Customers work place or residence).

       When we promise to restore a headlight, speedometer or navigation system, We commit to a true 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or 110% of your Money back, after all our #1 Advertisement is word of mouth.

We stand behind our work/art for 2years/24K miles. 

We encourage you to visitvisit our galleryso you can see (before/after) work that was done most recently to a true Clear Like Crystal® condition. (More make and model to be uploaded.) You can request a price quote and schedule a work online; we guarantee that you will save money with the work/art we deliver to you.


Headlight Restoration to Manufacturer Specs | Oxidation and Moisture Elimination | Dashboard Gage Lenses Restoration | Rock Chip and Scratch Removal | Upgrade to Brighter Light Bulb


  • Specializes on Headlight Services Only
  • Uses Own Proven Technique
    (We never use any company’s kit/method)
  • Unbeatable Service Warranty
  • Best in Quality and Experience
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee

          Oxidation is the interaction between oxygen molecules and all the different substances they may contact, from metal to living tissue.

          Plastic headlights go bad because the UV coating that the manufacturer put on the headlight lens wears down after about 2-3 years, making the lens look cloudy, foggy, and yellow giving that oxidized appearance. Along with the discoloration the headlight lens takes a beating from the environment such as UV rays, car exhaust, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, and debris. This beating leaves the headlight lens with scratches, pits, and a gritty feel, and all of which inhibits light output necessary for safe night driving. All that needs to be done is to remove the "bad" layer of plastic to reveal a "new" layer of plastic that one can seal with a new UV coating that is resistant to high temperatures.


    In past your ordinary touch up man in auto dealer ship would sand then spray a thin layer of clear coat and that would just give it a short and temporary result then after few months the lens would become even worse than what it was before. (Clear Like Crystal LLC, has redone many of those headlights and proven the ultimate solution for headlight restoration.)

    Today, there are few products available to the consumer to remove oxidation / yellowing of the headlight lens. Such as polish designed for plastics, but keep in mind none of the retail product has any guarantee of result or directed for your exact make and model of automobile, as each make and model has different condition and direction for complete restoration to like new condition.

    Again we want to assure you that our company will deliver 100% results and as always customer satisfaction and future support is our first rule and policy.

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